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Wet Carpet - Step 1
Assessing the Damage
What you will learn:

  • How to shut off your water

  • Why call DIY Flood

  • How to save your contents

  • How to assess the damage

  • How to check walls and floors

  • How to prevent mold

Tools Needed (We supply)

Welcome to Do It Yourself Flood Video Series. If your watching this you’ve probably had some water damage in your home and your looking for some information on how to clean it up yourself. Well, you've come to the right place. These videos will show you how to cleanup the nastiest of messes and save you money in the process.

In this video we will be addressing water damage to your flooring, mainly carpet. We’ve helped thousands of people like you and each time people like you are able to clean up the mess and put their home back in it’s pre flood condition.

Get Started

Let’s Get Started. Remember you can call DIY flood anytime and we can come to you and personally show you everything we teach in these videos.

Step one is assessing the damage. You need know exactly what the water damage has done and what area we need to focus on to fix the problem.

Fist thing is remember to not panic!

Let’s first make sure there’s no more water coming leaking in and spreading to other areas. Make sure your water from the leak is turned off. It could be leaking from a pipe break or from a overflowing sink. Sometimes this is as easy as turning off a faucet. Sometimes it takes turning off a valve under the sink. If you’re not sure where the water is coming from you can always turn off the main water line to the house. Most cases you can find the main water shut of to the house in the basement utility room. If you can’t find the main shut off you may have to turn off the main meter at the street. You may have a broken pipe or some damaged plumbing. A licensed plumber can help you with this. DIY Flood can give you a list of plumbers that you can trust. The main thing is to stop the water and make sure to minimize and additional damage.

Ok, now that the water’s off let’s find out how much damage has occurred.

Start with the source of water and move out from there. How many rooms are effected, how much carpet is wet? Did the water damage any walls or ceilings. Take a good look at all of the damage that you can see. Remember that water travels places you might not expect. Look behind walls in adjacent rooms. It often travels under the carpet in the padding. It might not look wet from the top but it could run further than you expect. Check the walls and the baseboard. Can you see any water staining or swelling? Follow the water until you know the full extent of the damage.

Now that you have an idea of how much area is effected you can start to work on getting this mess cleanup up. Now lets check your contents.

Next check for any damage to your contents. Look for water stains and and damage to furniture and clothing. Contents that are wet from the flood can be moved to a dry area and spread out to dry. To start cleaning up the water on your carpet you will need to move all the contents and furniture off and out of the away of the wet area. Water can damage furniture and will start to wick up into the furniture within minutes of being wet. It’s important to get all the contents to a safe dry place. We also need room to cleanup the wet area of carpet.

Now that you've got a good idea on what damage you have and have stopped any additional damage from occurring it time to get the water cleaned up and start the drying process.

Time is of the essence. Wet materials can grow colonies of mold in as little as 48 hours. It’s important to find all the water damage so you can make sure and dry all the areas effected. This is a good time to call DIY flood. For the next step you ‘ll need some equipment to make the job go much faster and save you time and back ache.We’ve helped thousands of people like you and each and every time the home is put back in better condition than before the flood. You can do this and we’re right here to help. Call us anytime and we’ll be at your door in under 1 hour with all the know-how and equipment to make this mess go away and get you back to your life. Now, you could always just call a normal restoration company to come and clean up your mess. Sometimes they may even quote you a low price on the phone to get in the door. But be warned most all restoration companies go off the same insurance regulated prices and make as much as 70% profit on every flood job. We realize there are a few things your going to need some help with. That’s why we’re here. We want to make sure the job is do right so we don’t have any mold growth. That can be a big mess and that’s why the proper equipment is very important.